Delays and Issues

Delays and Issues

I’m sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve had many delays and issues with school. Primarily, I have spent ~20 hours trying to get a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro to work for me to no avail. Linux is slow going on the machine (some buttons won’t work yet if you want the wifi to work), and reinstalling windows did no good at all! Also, the screen would go into fits of flashing on and off. Unacceptable. Even in windows, if you allowed the screen to turn off with power settings, it wouldn’t come back on. Sleep worked fine, but not the screen turning off. I believe it was a hardware issue with my machine. I’ve not found any other reports. Otherwise I found the machine beautiful although windows 8.1 is constricting for me.

In that regard, I’m moving to MacOSX as a primary mobile platform. Hopefully a 13″ Haswell Air will be a functional mobile desktop so I can stop focusing on getting things to work. At least there is Unix underneath… cmd.exe became increasingly upset at me “ls”ing the shit out of it.

That said, I promise to get back to compiling Cassandra information. I’ve been reading and watching, but I have a backlog of typing to do. G’day!


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