About Chisleu

My name is Joseph Nicholas Yarbrough.

I am an Information Systems major with a Computer Science minor at Coastal Carolina University.

I’m a member of the SubProto Experimental Learning Collective in Myrtle Beach, SC. ( http://subproto.com )


I was born in 1981 and have been programming and using Linux since 1994. (UMSDOS 4 life!) I have worked in the computer industry but most recently I have spent almost a decade managing a few million-dollar businesses. I have been enrolled in school full time for a few years now and have maintained a 4.0 Average. I am a member of the Sigma Alpha Pi honor society. I am focused on Java-based data design. I’m currently working on projects involving DataStax Enterprise Cassandra, Java middle-ware, Android development, and a lightweight PHP content solution.

I work to expand my skill set every day. I am focusing on production system administration, data management, and scaleable systems engineering.


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